SCI-Arc Spring 2016 Vertical Studio

Dogs to masses

Prof. Hernan Diaz Alonso and Ivan Bernal

The aspiration of the work is proposing to re-examine the possibilities of form generation through the understanding of contouring, lines organizations, scanning, and re-assembling following the notion of forms: Form follows form, Alternative means of perception of beauty, the grotesque, the horrific, mutation, contaminations, rituals, technological romanticism, no sketches, architecture as cultural practice first and second. most digital techniques had the capacity to combine the power of raw primitives with a highly sophisticated formal understanding of the organization, as well as a saturated and excessive ornament in the instruments of geometry. We want to throw a massive wreck of distortion into this process. This studio proposes a new self-camouflaging malware propagation system, an architecture that overcomes shortcomings in the current generation of metaphoric formalism specifically. Although mutants produced by the current state of the art metamorphic engines are diverse, they still contain many characteristics binary features that reliably distinguished them from benign architecture. The “interior” as a formal code forgoes the concept of a metaphorical body and instead creates mutants by stitching together parts from non-malicious bodies that have been classified as benign by local conditions. the studio is interested in exploring potential architectural expressions of a contemporary bio-formal malaise. The symptoms are many and don’t point to any single condition or cause, and we are working with just a few that interest us in particular. So, in that sense, every form generation is a new form generation. Architecture through the transformation brought by the digital revolution made a major transformation on aesthetics, fabrication, production design, etc; and it should remind us the value of pursuing uselessness just for the sake of progress and curiosity, but absolutely seriously and with commitment. There is a good thing in times of confusion. The studio will explore the predominant effect of this “isomorphism” is being the aggregation of diverse forms of design sequences into an almost universal condition of image and production. Perhaps some might see this as atriumph of superficiality over depth, but it is certainly also an intensification of the conjectural and fictive logics of design. We see this as a real and complex demand that contempraray culture makes on produces of architectural content.

Students: Polina Alexeeva, Majeda Alhinai, William Virgil, Huijin Zhen.