Roll the dice

Submission in collaboration with Keyla Hernandez for the A+D Architecture show inĀ  Los Angeles

Roll the dice.

The brief called for an exploration of the object, the image, and the text as Architecture. We propose the project as the everchanging relationship among the three. Where one produces and informs the other, without specific order in a generative loop. The submission uses a two-dimensional pattern projected onto a three-dimensional digital object which is then rendered as a two-dimensional object and projected back multiple times to generate the physical piece which is then photographed, and projected again. The text emerges as the most simple explanation of the process, one which describes the loop and not the result. The goal was to produce a story of an image, an image of an object, an object of an image, a story of an object.

Pick an order or roll the dice, start the game then roll again.

The relationship among the three is their capacity to be both generative and representational, take a role and switch back. There is no established order, one day one, next day the other, no result or process but rather their relationship.