Communal LA

Communal LA speculates on the formal manifestation of an overpopulated city which decides to advocate for communal, not-private spaces as the core of its evolution. It glimpses into a system of self-growing pods and networks which provide the shelter and circulation needed to satisfy the always increasing density of the city. In an overpopulated scenario, standard adjacencies become corrupted; zoning is no longer viable, mutation and adaptability become the norm. The strength of the new system emerges as its flexibility pushes the boundaries of the built.
The project was developed through different zooms as a way to understand the role of each scale within its context. Surface articulation addresses the human scale and to manifest the creature-like qualities of the object emphasizing the constant state of mutation. The objects and connections among them emerged as a network to by-pass the city grid and stitch pieces of the system which need to be circulated in short periods of time. Thirdly the urban scale, deployed from the satellite images shows the system adapting and growing in different scenarios, from open spaces to rooftops to graft vertically into the city tissue.