SCI-Arc Fall 2014 Vertical Studio

Glass, gloss, smoke, and mirrors.

Prof. Hernan Diaz Alonso and Ivan Bernal

This studio proposes a new self-­‐camouflaging malware propagation system, to explore the nature of transparency, reflections, and glossiness, an architecture that overcomes shortcomings in the current generation of metamorphic formalism and especially to produce non-phenomenological ethereal masses architecture. Specifically, although mutants produced by current state-­‐of-­‐the art metamorphic engines are diverse; they still contain many characteristic binary features that reliably distinguish them from benign architecture. The anti-mass or blurred mass as a formal code forgoes the concept of a metamorphic body and instead creates mutants by stitching together parts from non -opaque effects that have been classified as benign by local conditions. The studio is interesting in exploring potential architectural expressions of a contemporary neo formal transparency/reflectivity. The symptoms are many are don’t point to any single condition or cause, and we’re working with just a few that interest us in particular. What is the formal project today in relation to the tissue of the city and what could it be? The conflicts of Modernity, from laboratory-­‐assisted reproduction to European monotony, revolve to a significant degree around the transformation or conservation of particular bio sociological arrangements, of obsolete architecture types. The globalization of Western design forms has also meant a globalization of glass formal infrastructure originated for a historically contingent of type accumulation. We argue that the mismatches between architectural conventions for the space and the multiplicity of bio sociological realities are severe. This studio will explore other possibilities by attempting to accommodate one particular, highly idiosyncratic formal tissue condition that would be entirely unsuited to a conventional exhibition space. The studio will explore, thought very precise digital techniques, multiple ontologies thought stitching of architecture pieces and different level of motion transparency, reflections, and shininess. Distorted reflection, animations, rendering, biosynthetic replacements, will serve an Aesthetic technique catalog for the production of architecture design. In this, we hope to pick up some of the remaining trace signals left over from a previous era’s interest in using architecture to model new, the progressive architecture of “glossiness/glassines”, family spaces and bio expressions in contemporary forms. We will absorb both the optimistic and progressive as well as the menacing and dystopian, and for this studio, will liberally apply precedents from all of these.

Students: Luisana Hernandez, Adrian Cortez, Diego Wu-law, Patrica Joseph, Maria Jose Herrero, Mina Jun, Rebekah Bukhbinder, Bosen Li, Yunyu Zhang, Nader Naim, Rachael McCall, Albert Chavez, James Choe, Ryan McGriff, David Sarafyan.