House in 3 Acts

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SCI-Arc Xlab
Ivan Bernal/Brandon Vickers
Instructor: Hernan Diaz Alonso
this project takes place in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. The idea was to generate a system that could accomadate to the different needs of a family in a long period of time. Also the system had to respond to the deteriorating structure of the family and react estimating interaction among the family members..In the first stage the house deteriorate and partially collapses as a result on an earthquake that takes place in California. During thhis stage the structure reveals its weaknesses and breaking points. The envelope breaks and the house is no longer ermetic.
In the second stage the family dissolves, and splits. the house is force to reconfigure itself as the fathers moves to the front of the house and the rest of the family remains in the back portion. Now each street is a main entrance, each space is repurposed, and a mutilation takes place in teh middel of the house creating an interstitial decaying space.
The ropture of the original into two severed half houses, requires additional parts to allow them to function independently, the strands provide a structural webbing for the parts. The family house becomes over detailed and  clean, while the front suffers an accelerated decay.
The decay in the house becomes indexical of its own history, it accelerates its. The materials are predisposed to this acceleration. The designers uses decay as a desgin technique , is not only time, it’s the ritual of designing the deterioration, the breakage, the mutilation of the original scheme.