Fresh Punches @ Land of Tomorrow Gallery

“When was the last time you got punched by design? Fresh Punches is an exhibition featuring the collision of experimentation and contemporary discourse in the work of American architecture students. Collected from the spring and fall semesters of 2011, the cutting-edge work exhibited features provocative explorations in technology, space, and materials. In this collection, architecture is contaminated by the likes of transmogrifications, strange sensations, primal textures, unfamiliar geometries, self-propagating architectural species, augmented atmospherics, vicissitudinous juxtapositions, reinvented building typologies, sensual pleated skins, a crisis or two, physiologically responsive interfaces, threshold blurring gizmos, and plenty of robots.”

The project was selected after an open National competition searching for best contemporary student work from the country’s leading architecture schools. The competition resulted in a built prototype displayed in an exhibition in addition to a full-color catalog documenting the exhibition and its work, and including contributions from leading architecture educators and critics will be available for free following the show’s opening.