Last House in Mulholland, “A magnifying glass.”

Our submission for the LHM competition with Keyla Hernandez looks to re-interpret the brief of the competition asking for iconicity. We proposed an environment, not a house. A space which can only take place in the Hollywood Hills, their location, and history, one which takes advantage of the climate and the glamour of the movie industry. As the description of the competition states, the project is to take place as the last house in Mulholland. We envisioned a place that builds on the legacy of the case study houses of California to speculate on the appearance of miniaturization as a way to create an oversized vivarium, one in which its inhabitants are part of the spectacle and the inhabitation. The goal of the proposal was to produce its own logic and a microenvironment without relying on the preconceptions of a house, one that flickers back and forth with its context producing the appearance of a magnifying glass as a way to exaggerate its qualities.