Mag In Black
Team: Andrew Cheu, Alexander Petrakos, William Virgil
Mag in Black is the result for an exhibition in Los Angeles called: A One-Night Stand for Art & Architecture (One-Night Stand LA) – an event and publication project by a group of emerging architects and artists from Los Angeles exploring different forms of media, but also new possibilities for architectural strategies of subversion.
Organized by
Ryan Tyler Martinez
Anthony Morey
William Hu
One-Night Stand is a single encounter without expectations of further exposure or presence of its participants. Further relations may be explored; memories may be written but nothing is carried to tomorrow. We return to banality once the night is over. The stability, the safety of the norm is returned. We provoke you with a taste. This one-night, this one moment allows our vices, our desires and our minds to tease, penetrate and release.
Critics may come to call the idea as “mental arousal and release without emotional commitment or future involvement”.
We call it, a One-Night Stand for Art & Architecture..


                        ONSPatters Grayscale