One Night Stand Los Angeles Room 232

A one-night stand for art & architecture (one-night stand la) is a non-profit event and publication project by a group of emerging architects and artists exploring different forms of media, but also new possibilities for strategies of subversion. A one night stand they called it. The motel rooms were filled with all types of things: what had once been lifeless now overflowed with a sense of urgency, and what had once been vulgar became even more so. As the night wore on so were we transfigured by the mere passing of time and the status of the motel was transformed from its previous state as rest-stop and instead became a place of wonderful unrest. It was at once magical and obscene— no decent thing happens past bedtime.

Room 232   Team: Andrew Cheu, Alex Petrakos

Perverting the idea of the Motel room (why not literal?) to incorporate a collection of fatty and strange vertical objects that stood in line looking over the bed which contained under its shets an unknown spasmic creature.The project gives agency to mechanical assemblies.Creating six-axis small robot, the goal was to develop inexpensive, fast and discardable machines for the purpose of generating awkwardness.A one night stand they called it.