Pape bird observation tower

Project in collaboration with Keyla Hernandez                  Team: Hua Nan

This project relates to both a bird’s nest and a tree. It expands on the notion of a bird’s nest as a way to position itself within the context, not intrusive but not camouflaged. The accumulation of thin and discrete elements allows the structure to be both light and ephemeral. Relying on a very conventional fabrication method of repetitive small pieces, which when aggregated together form the overall shape. It is designed to have a blurred silhouette, changing when observed from different perspectives and emphasizing the idea of a structure that is there but almost disappears within its context. The journey of walking through the bridge immerses visitors to the experience of the area, and the tower expands this feeling by relating to the climbing of a tree. As the visitors take the stairs and climb up, they get peeks of the landscape and eventually land on the platforms which work as a gathering space. The goal is for the experience to be continuous, not as a destination but as a journey and to framed views through the density of structure building a feeling of connection to the site.