SCI-Arc Spring 2014 Vertical Studio

Non-axisymmetrical disruptions Butchering, form and verticality.”

Prof. Hernan Diaz Alonso and Ivan Bernal

The aspiration of the work is proposing to re-examine the possibilities of form generation as an autonomous entity through the understanding of Rituals of butchery, carving, reassembling following the notion of the forms. Most butchery techniques had the capacity to combine the power of raw mutilations with a highly sophisticated formal understanding of the organization, as well a saturated and excessive ornament in the instruments of rituals. There is another history and evolution of rituals in relation to the bodies and their mutilations, human and animals alike. These MISFITS produced some o the most contradictory conditions of beauty and horror. Originality should be an aspiration in aesthetics /ethics, now while working on a very define type we can be more open. The project for the studio is Vertical Architecture, a mid rise disrupted building in London.This idea of aesthetics will mutate the tradition of composition and order as an agent to study the shift towards a paradigm of unpredictability and unstable as opposed to the ubiquitous platform of Types. If Types are traditionally viewed as categories of standardization, and symbolic expressions of form, encompassed “things” are malleable entities that are in constant metamorphosis; adaptation and mutation are the main characteristics from species, which is the logical evolution to replace type. A specie needs a lineage to be acknowledged as such, indeed a Type also needs a lineage to become such. But a species has more freedom because it can mutate. A Type can change, but it cannot mutate, it can be combined, or renewed, but it will always be a type.

Students: Garret Santo, Oxana Gitcai, Austin Samson, Daniel Karas, Wenxin Lin, Scotty Carrol, Georgios Smyrlis, Freesia Torres, Kyungjoo Kim, Abhishek Sakpal, Jeff Halstead, ChengFen Lin, Maria Jose Herrero.