Spring 2017 Syracuse SOA Elective Arc500

Posing Architecture “The magnifying glass”

Prof. Ivan Bernal

Representation is an integral part of the design process. It is the main way to convey our ideas clearly to an audience. This elective aims to expose students to techniques of digital cinematography, with a special focus on architectural animation as a way to gain a deeper understanding of time-based representation. Looking to create a narrative for specific unbuilt work of architecture through the lens of a selection of film directors, and with the aim to develop a particular sensibility to present and portray buildings, students will be asked to take positions in how the work is being represented in order to convey an ambiance, a fiction, and a reality. Using the notion of a magnifying glass to discover and emphasize qualities and effects that cannot be easily seen, students will use animation as a way to understand, question and critically portray architecture. Searching for an architecture that is far more real than the architecture is. The class will pair relevant unbuilt works of architecture to a film director. Students will produce a short animation showcasing the architecture with specific techniques they can learn from studying cinematic effects. These techniques then will be translated into digital cinematography and animation. The goal is to generate a narrative for the projects which even if unbuilt, carries a great deal of relevance within the field. This method of representation will allow the students to deeply dive into the architecture, look at it from a different perspective, question how to postulate it, how to frame it, how to present it. In other words, this class aims to use cinematic and animation techniques to create a different method for studying and representing architecture constructing images in time.

Students: Ana Morris, Abby Linnertz, Alice Gorodetsky, Matt Gordon, Sofia Zavala, Tyler Wolcott, Maxwell Baum, Jiaqi Qiu, Shengjie Zhao, Yuting Fong, Thomas Kim, Rongzhu Gu, Zhen Li , Yi Jiang, James Gilliland, Yuxuan Liu, Lirong Tan